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2010: The Foresight Project announced that will present awards at both the middle and high school regional and state science fairs, in conjunction with the Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair (MSSEF) program.  CleanTech     Climate Science

To encourage projects on Climate Science, we have introduced a completely separate and new award category: Beyond Rocket Science: Earth Science!  Press Release

CleanTech projects: sustainable energy sources, higher efficiency analyses or high efficiency designs, energy flows, or any related topics.

2010: Jessica Difazio, Hopkinkton High School

Grassahol: An analysis of Grasses and

Pre-treatment Methods

First Place at State!

Climate Science projects: weather, behavoir of dynamic or interactive systems, the dynamics of flow and changes in flows, or any related topics.

2010: Adam Jermyn, Longmeadow High School

Behavior of Constrained Charged Particles

First Place at State!

There has never been a more exciting time for science: It is the new Age of Invention, where everything old is new again; where we now value energy, look at what we have done before and ask if there is a better way. 

At the same time, we are in the middle of a completely new way of looking at science: not as individual parts, but as systems, where interactions add up to a new "whole"; with mathematics  in which simple formulas sometimes leading to very peculiar results.

We look forward to all of the projects from your inquiring and imaginative minds!


The awards will be given to the best project in the category, selected in partnership with the MSSEF fair judging committees.

Read More and Questions for Curious Minds:

Energy Flow Diagram from LLNL





Energy Flow in the U.S., Produced by LLNL

Van Allen et al with Explorer I RocketBeyond Rocket Science: Climate Science!

Pickering et al, with Explorer I, JPL Archives

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